It’s time for another development digest from The YaST team. As you can see in the following list of highlights, the range of topics is as broad as usual.

Summary of the (Auto)YaST Changes

AutoYaST profile validation

As you can see, we invested quite some effort improving some areas of AutoYaST. In the process, we found ourselves over and over typing complicated URLs in the boot parameters of the installer to access some manually crafted AutoYaST profile. To avoid the same pain in the future to other testers or to anyone interested in taking a quick look to AutoYaST, we are working on an easy-to-type repository of generic AutoYaST profiles. See more details in this announcement on the yast-devel mailing list.

The next development sprint has already started, so we hope to see you again in approximately two weeks with more news about (Auto)YaST… unless you are too busy celebrating the release of openSUSE Leap 15.2, expected for July 2nd!

YaST Blog Poll

But before you leave, we would appreciate your feedback about this blog. As you may know, this is the second post we do with the new digest format, in which we basically collect links to several self-descriptive pull requests. We abandoned our traditional format (a consistent and self-contained story illustrated with screenshots) because it implied too much work. But we are curious about the real impact of the change and of our blog in general. So we kindly ask you to answer the following three questions (questionnaire hosted by Formspree, an open-source backed service).

How often do you read the YaST Team reports?

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