As the YaST team keeps implementing new features and bug fixes we also keep delivering our small activity reports. As you may remember, we ran a small survey to collect our readers’ opinion about the recent changes introduced in these reports. We will today take a look to the results of the survey. But first things first, let’s go over the most relevant pull requests in the YaSTphere from the latest two weeks.

Summary of the (Auto)YaST Changes

Our readers have spoken

But the previous list of improvements is not the only news we have for you. We got 31 answers to our survey about how our readers use the YaST blog post and we want to share the results with you.

The detailed report with all the numbers can be read in this mail, but the most important conclusions we have taken are:

  • Most participants are loyal readers (71% of them read the blog regularly).
  • Most readers define themselves as just (open)SUSE users (74%).
  • Both formats we have tried for the posts (long stories vs digests of links) are valued by our readers in a similar way.

Since the current digest format is way easier to put together, we will keep it for the time being. Thanks a lot for all the input, it was really helpfull!

See you in the next sprint report!