In August the YaST Team is focusing on bugfixing, which is a nice way to use the time while many colleagues are on summer vacation. The downside is that blog posts consisting on a list of solved bugs look pretty boring. Fortunatelly, we also found time to implement three nice new features.

  • New menu bar widget in libYUI. Check the screenshots below.
  • Configuration of the firewall in AutoYaST moved to the first stage if possible. Check the documentation update for details.
  • Preliminary support to mark the packages affected by BootHole and show a warning message if such old packages are going to be installed (text of the message is still under development).

Everybody loves screenshots, so let’s see how the new libYUI menu bar looks. First in graphical mode.

New Menu Widget, Qt

And then in text-based interfaces.

New Menu Widget, NCurses

We have plans to use the new widget to improve the usability of the YaST Partitioner. Stay tuned for more news. If nothing goes wrong, we will have plenty of them to share with you here in two weeks.