For third sprint in a row, the YaST Team has been focusing on enhancing both AutoYaST and the management of storage devices, together with some improvements in our development infrastructure. Let’s take a quick glance at some of the results.

  • New YaST test client to check AutoYaST dynamic profiles, including support for pre-scripts that modify the profile, ERB, rules and classes.
  • Improved detection of which YaST package is needed to process each section of the profile, relying on RPM’s supplement information instead of the old method based on desktop files.
  • First steps to annotate the documentation of AutoYaST with information about when each profile element was introduced or deprecated.
  • Final design of the new Partitioner user interface. The adopted solution is described in the corresponding section of our design document and already implemented to a large extent, so we are confident to release a revamped Partitioner during next sprint.
  • Improved automatic submission of translations to openSUSE Leap and SUSE Linux Enterprise, since only the Tumbleweed process was fully automated so far.

New Interface of the Partitioner

As we usually remind our readers, these blog posts only show a very small part of all the work, improvements and bug fixes we put into YaST on every sprint. So don’t forget to keep your systems updated and to stay tuned to this blog and all other openSUSE channels for more information!