Another development sprint ended for the YaST Team this week. This time we have fewer news than usual about new features in YaST… and the reason for that may surprise you. Turns out a significant part of the YaST Team has been studying the internals of Cockpit in an attempt to use our systems management knowledge to help to improve the Cockpit support for (open)SUSE.

But that doesn’t mean we have fully stopped the development of YaST and other parts of the installation process. Apart from working in several not yet finished improvements that will be presented in our next blog post, we have:

While doing all that and fixing several bugs, we also found time to prepare and deliver our presentation in the openSUSE + LibreOffice Virtual Conference, with the self-explanatory title of “Top 25 New Features in (Auto)YaST”. We are not fully sure whether a recording of the talk will be uploaded by the organizers at some point, but we will keep you informed if that happens.

That’s all folks! See you again in (hopefully less than) two weeks.