We realized that, apart from the blog post presenting our D-Installer project, we have not reported any YaST activity during 2022 here in our blog. Since we are in the Beta phase of the development of SUSE Linux Enterprise 15-SP4 (which will also be the base for openSUSE Leap 15.4) we are quite focused on helping to diagnose and fix the problems found by the intensive and extensive tests done by SUSE QA department, partners and customers. We know that’s not the part of our job our audience wants to read about… and to be honest is not the part we enjoy writing about either.

Fortunately, two months after our latest regular report, we have some interesting more bits to share.

New YaST Features

While debugging and fixing issues we also found time to implement quite some interesting changes and new features in YaST. Let’s quickly go through a summary.

We also found time to implement some internal changes that, even though they don’t have a direct impact on final users, may be interesting for the more technical audience like people who usually debug or develop YaST:

Progress on D-Installer

As you all know from our previous blog post mentioned above, we are also working on a side project codenamed D-Installer, as our main YaST duties permit. We want to turn our initial proof of concept into something that you can actually try, so the team is working on a few topics at the same time.

On the one hand, we are redefining our D-Bus API thinking about how it should look like in the future. As a side effect, Martin is improving the ruby-dbus library to support a few features that we need, like better support for D-Bus properties.

On the other hand, we are redesigning the user interface. Although we have not implemented the new design, you can see the approach we would like to follow in our mock-ups. :-)

Initial mock-ups for D-Installer

More to Come

As you can see, we have been quite busy lately and we plan to remain so. The bright side is that both YaST and D-Installer will keep evolving at a good pace. The not-so-bright one is that we are not sure when we will be able to blog again. But we promise we will try to recover the biweekly cadence. Meanwhile do as we do and have a lot of fun!