Before introducing the recent changes in the YaST land, the team would like to congratulate the openSUSE community for the release of Leap 15.2. It looks like a pretty solid release, and we are proud of being part of this project.

Having said that, let’s focus on what the team has achieved during the past sprint.

Summary of the (Auto)YaST Changes

The YaST Blog Poll Is Still Running

A few weeks ago, we announced that we were changing our sprint reports’ format to reduce the amount of work that it takes us to write them. Thus, instead of using a consistent and self-contained nice story, we decided to go for a digest-like approach.

After having published two reports using the new approach, we decided to open a poll to know your opinion of such a change. We have already received quite some feedback, but the poll is still open and we would love to hear from you.